About Us

IMG_2118Tradition, outstanding reputation and excellence – these words describe Weber Construction.  Our commitment to ‘Custom Home Building and Remodeling’ begins by catering to buyers who desire personal one-on-one involvement throughout the building process.  We will work with you in designing living spaces that are as uniquely individual as you are.

Weber Construction has built it’s reputation over time, home by home, family by family and dream by dream.  We know the homeowner has the final word on our success which inspires us to do only our best in every home, remodeling project or commercial building we create.  Our reputation must stand on this dedication to excellence.

Spanning well over 45 years in busineIMG_2127ss in Sioux Falls, and drawing upon an extensive background, Weber Construction is well known for it’s reputation of designing and building many of the cities finest homes.

Weber Construction offers only the highest degree of customer service, incomparable quality and exacting detail in every home we build.  Brad Weber works with you on a personal basis to design your new home or remodeling project, guide you through budgets, schedules and approvals.  He is on-site daily, working with talented craftsmen and subcontractors, while being actively accessible and responsive to your questions.

We know you cannot provide a top quality product without top notch products and a top notch team.  The Weber Construction team is made up of the area’s foremost craftsmen, subcontractors and suppliers, each as dedicated to the highest quality as Brad is, himself.IMG_2119

Our homes are built to last.  People have walked in to existing older homes and remarked that they can tell it was built by Weber Construction.  Our quality of workmanship stands out, even years later.